Why Ceylon Single Estate Teas?

High grown Ceylon tea tastes different; more extreme flavour with a smooth, non-bitter taste. 

The incredible diversity of climate in the 'hill country', the monsoonal rains, the sunshine and sea winds, produce a range of purely natural flavours that distinguish pure Ceylon tea from other teas.

Ceylon single estate teas are some of the most exciting teas produced for the discerning tea drinker. As nature intended, single estate teas are full of seasonal flavour. Smooth tasting with delectable flavours, never bitter or harsh.The finest Ceylon teas are generally acknowledged to come from estates located over 4000 ft. The aroma of the teas from this region are unforgettable. If packed immediately after manufacture, you should be able to savour this aroma when you open a packet of high grown Ceylon tea.

High grown Ceylon teas range from delicate to full bodied with distinct seasonal flavours. Single estate teas return the excitement of tasting 100% natural tea made in the classical tradition of tea making, where careful hand-picking of leaves and skill and experience is used to process a unique natural product season after season. Yes, top quality teas are seasonal!

Single estate teas are made with great skill by teams of experienced tea makers, many of whom have spent decades perfecting the art of fine tea making.

Importantly, these teas have provenance and you, the customer, may know, precisely, the source of your tea.

Brunswick Estate is nestled in the “Champagne region” in the Maskeliya district around 4000ft above sea level, Brunswick has an excellent reputation for producing a superb coloury leaf with the aroma of a traditional Ceylon 'up country' tea.

Iddalgashinne Estate is Sri Lanka's first organic tea estate located in the UVA highlands. A sought after estate for these rare, black and green teas. Long twisted leaves, grassy aroma, bright colour with a hint of citrus flavour. A fair trade estate, owned by the local community, demonstrating the best of Sri Lankan style social responsibility. This tea is the house favourite!